English Across the Curriculum

The European Union

Writing Tasks

Task 1  Article : How European Are You ?

Europe's Youth , a magazine for 15 to 19-year-olds wants to find out what teenagers think about being a European. The best articles will be published in the next edition.

You have decided to take part and send in an article . In your article you should

  • explain what being a European means to you.
  • give your opinion on why people are critical of the EU.
  • state why or why not joining the EU was a good idea.

Write an article of 300 - 400 words . Give your article a title !

Task 2  Email : Write to Your MEP

As a young citizen, you are worried about many things at the moment. Write an email to your MEP (Member of the European Parliament) in which you

  • describe what problems you and other young people face.
  • suggest what the EU can do to help.
  • outline what the future role of the European Union should be.

Write about 250 words.

Task 3  Blog : Brexit - Taking Back Control

You have just come across this blog on Brexit:

You decide to comment on this blog entry. In your comment you should

  • ask the writer why he/she thinks Britain is better off without the EU.
  • emphasize the positive aspects of being in the EU.
  • suggest ways in which Europe and Britain should still cooperate.

Write about 250 - 300 words.

Task 4  Summary : History of the EU

From what you have read in this course and the videos you have seen write a summary of the history of the European Union.

Do not write more than 300 words and include the most important facts and events.

Meeting with young people

Young people meet with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen
Image :European Parliament from EU, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons