English Across the Curriculum


  • London Lower Intermediate - A2  Intermediate - B1- London is one of the oldest cities of the world and a financial, cultural and economic centre.
  • Weather and Climate  Intermediate - B1   - The weather belongs to the most-discussed topics of everyday life. Learn about the weather and its elements, air masses, climate zones , fronts and how meteorologists forecast the weather.
  • The European Union  Intermediate - B1  Upper Intermediate - B2- The European Union was formed after World War II as a project to secure peace in Europe. Today, it is one of the largest economic blocs in the world.
  • Discover India Lower Intermediate - A2  Intermediate - B1- India is a large subcontinent in southern Asia with many contrasts and home to 1.4 billion people.
  • Tropical Rainforests  Intermediate - B1- Tropical rainforests are among the world's most important ecosystems and cover 7% of the earth's landmass.
  • Discover Australia Lower Intermediate - A2  Intermediate - B1- Learn about the continent "Down Under" - its physical geography, people, way of life. Visit some of the important sights of Australia.
  • At the Airport Lower Intermediate - A2- An airport is like a small city. It is not only a place where you board a plane or land at a destination. An airport has many facilities, including, shops, banks,post offices and others.
  • New York Intermediate - B1- New York is not only the largest city in the US, but also one of the most important metropolitan areas in the world.