English Across the Curriculum


  • Coffee Intermediate - B1- Coffee is among the most popular hot drinks in the world. Learn about how it is grown and processed.
  • Blood Intermediate - B1- Blood is an important fluid that keeps us alive . It brings oxygen, nutrients and other substances to all organs. It fights infections keeps out body temperature constant.
  • Endangered Species Lower Intermediate - A2  Intermediate - B1- Over a third of all plants and animals on earth are in danger of becoming extinct. While many died in the past due to natural disasters, humans are endangering species today
  • The World of Mammals Lower Intermediate - A2  Intermediate - B1- Mammals are animals that feed their babies with milk in order to grow. They live in all parts of the world and and are the largest family of animals..
  • Childhood Obesity Lower Intermediate - A2  Intermediate - B1- Millions of youngsters all over the world are in danger of becoming obese. Read about the risks and the consequences of obesity at an early age.