Anne Frank - Missing Sentence Parts

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During World War II a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, wrote a diary from the Nazis. She did not survive the war, but her diary became well-known to many people. It shows how Jews lived .

After Hitler came to power in 1933, Anne Frank’s family went to the Netherlands, a small company in Amsterdam. In 1940 the Germans invaded the Netherlands, and it was no longer safe . They lost their shops and had to hand over their companies to the government. Anne and her sister Margot were not allowed to go to school with other pupils.

When Margot got a notice that said to a labour camp the Frank family started to hide themselves. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, prepared a secret back room in his office. Together with a few other Jews the Frank family . With the help of some non-Jewish friends they got food and other things .

Although they were constantly afraid of being discovered , they tried to live a normal life. Anne started to write a diary. In it she wrote about her interests in boys and movies and about .

On August 4, 1944 the German police discovered the hiding place. The whole family was arrested and transported to Auschwitz in Poland. A month later Anne and her sister at Bergen-Belsen in Germany. There both of them caught typhus and died only one month before the Allied soldiers came to free the camp. Anne Frank was 15 years old.

Friends of the family discovered Anne’s diary. They gave it to her father, who was the only member of the family . Later on, it was published as a book and became known to millions of readers all over the world as “The Diary of Anne Frank” . The building in Amsterdam where the Frank family hid is now a museum called the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Image: AnneFrankHouseAmsterdamtheNetherlands.jpg: Massimo Catarinelladerivative work: Mfield, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons