Weather Report - One Word Too Many

Read the weather report below. In some lines there is a word that shouldn't be there. Write this word in the space next to the line. If the line is correct write OK in the space. There are two examples at the beginning.

1 In the morning you can expect to see fog OK
2 in the wide parts of Britain. During the early the
3 morning hours if it is expected to clear up
4 and we should look at forward to a partly
5 sunny day.  
6 The southern part of Britain should see
7 a spell of clear and ever sunny weather
8 today.Towards the north it will not become
9 cloudier as the first wave of a hot front is
10 coming in from the northwest land.
11 Showers will spread over the west of
12 Scotland and Northern Ireland during the
13 early parts of the afternoon. While the
14 eastern part of Scotland should stay more
15 sunny throughout the day time.
16 Though it will stay moderately warm with
17 temperatures between 17 and 21° C. Calm
18 winds will be blowing out from the east
19 and southeast at 10 to 15 km an hour long.