Water in our daily lives

Water has been important for people for thousands of years. Without water there would be no life on earth.

We use water in our houses for cooking, bathing and washing the dishes. Water is used to grow food. In many dry areas farmers must bring water to the fields through canals and expensive irrigation systems .

Irrigation systems bring water to fields

Industries and factories also use water. Fruits and vegetables must be cleaned before they can be processed and sold in supermarkets. Water is used for cooling in many areas, for example in steel production. Many countries around the world use water to produce energy. Power stations burn coal which turns water into steam. Countries with many mountains and rivers use the power of water to produce electricity .

A power plant on a river produces electricity

Water is important for our free time. People enjoy themselves at seaside resorts or on cruise trips .

Transportation was at first carried out on waterways . Ancient civilizations traded goods across the Mediterranean Sea . Today oil, coal, wheat and other products are transported on waterways.

Ship carrying goods through the Panama Canal