Water and the Human Body

The human body is made up largely of water. Up to 75% of our body is water. Water helps us digest food. Chemical reactions in our body would not be possible without water. It also needs water to help carry away the substances that we do not need any more. Water regulates our body temperature so that it always stays the same. Although we can live without food for a few weeks without water we would die within a few days. A normal human needs about 2 to 3 litres of water a day to survive .

Water has many functions in our body

  • blood stream = tubes in your body through which blood passes
  • constipation = it you have problems getting rid of the solid waste from your body
  • dissolve = to mix with a liquid and become part of it
  • flush = wash out
  • lubricate = to make something move more smoothly
  • nutrient = a chemical or food that gives plants and animals what they need to grow
  • tissue = the material that forms cells
  • waste = material that you cannot use and do not need any more