First Aid - Missing Word Cloze

   blood      brain      breathing      chest      clots      confused      instructions      oxygen      poisoned      poisonous      resuscitation      shock      sterile      sting      swallow      victim      wound   
Complete the text with the words from the box.

When a person suffers from their blood cannot carry enough to the and to other organs. Such people may look afraid, or weak. The best way to treat such a is to lay the person on the back and raise the legs a little.

When we cut ourselves with a knife comes out of our body. After a short time it so we don’t need to worry. However, if there is a big you have to stop bleeding in another way. Put a cloth or towel around the wound and press on it until help arrives.

A person who is may die in a few minutes if he or she does not get the right help. If you something dangerous find out what it is , then call a doctor and follow the that you are given. If someone has inhaled a gas move them to a window or get them out into the fresh air. Run cold water or put ice on an insect . Never use oil or butter. If a person has an allergy towards insect stings call a doctor or take the person to a hospital.

Victims who have stopped can die if they don’t get oxygen for a few minutes. In such a case, start with mouth to mouth immediately. Lay the person on their back , press the nose together and put your mouth over the victim’s mouth. Then try to blow air into him or her and watch the rise. Wait until the air comes out again and repeat this action until help arrives.