English Across The Curriculum

English Across the Curriculum is a free website that gives language learners the opportunity to improve their English skills in many subjects. Students can work through a variety of topics in English, improve their vocabulary and enhance their knowledge through a series of tasks and exercises.

The courses are intermediate to upper-intermediate. Difficult words are explained via pop-ups in the text.

Each modules consists of three parts. Learners are advised to work through the unit in the order below.

  • Contents - The main part consists of webpages of information. Difficult words are explained in pop-ups which are designed to give the student a better learning experience and allow them to understand difficult texts better without having to look up words.
  • Videos - Each module consists of specially chosen videos that provide additional visual information.
  • Exercises and Tasks - After going through the information section students should work through the online exercises and tasks , which offer an immediate feedback.

If you find any errors (and I'm sure you will ) please let me know. I would also appreciate comments and feedback. If you are a teacher, let me know how your students are doing and how well they found away around the modules.

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New Modules
European Union

The European Union

The European Union was formed after World War II as a project to secure peace in Europe.

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Cancer is one of the most dangerous illnesses in our world today.It kills over 7 million people every year

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Blue Mosque in Istanbul


Mosques are Muslim houses of worship. In today's world, however, they have several other functions.

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Available Modules
Art and Architecture
  • Coffee - A Popular Hot Drink Intermediate- Coffee is among the most popular hot drinks in the world. Learn about how it is grown and processed.
  • World of Mammals Intermediate- Mammals are animals that feed their babies with milk in order to grow. They live in all parts of the world and and are the largest family of animals.
  • Endangered Species Intermediate- Over a third of all plants and animals on earth are in danger of becoming extinct. While many died in the past due to natural disasters, humans are endangering species today.
Current Affairs
  • Capital Punishment - The Death Penalty Upper-Intermediate- Although capital punishment has been abolished in most countries, it is still controversial in some, especially in the United States.
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict Upper-Intermediate- The conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours has led to over seven decades of war and bloodshed.
Economy and Business
  • Banks and Banking Intermediate- Modern banks of today offer customers a wide range of services. Learn about the banking sector and how it developed
  • The European Union Intermediate- The European Union was formed after World War II as a project to secure peace in Europe. Today, it is one of the largest economic blocs in the world
  • Discover India Intermediate- India is a large subcontinent in southern Asia with many contrasts and home to 1.4 billion people.
  • New York Intermediate- New York is not only the largest city in the US, but also one of the most important metropolitan areas in the world
  • Water - The Most Important Liquid On Earth Intermediate- Water is one of the most valuable resources we have. Humans, animals and plants need it to survive
  • London Intermediate- London is one of the oldest cities of the world and a financial, cultural and economic centre.
  • Weather and Climate Intermediate- The weather belongs to the most-discussed topics of everyday life. Learn about the weather and its elements, air masses and fronts and how meteorologists forecast the weather.
Government and Politics
  • The American President Intermediate- Learn about the most powerful politician in the world, how Americans elect their President and how the US government works.
Health and Medicine
  • Cancer Intermediate- Cancer is one of the most dangerous illnesses in our world today.It kills over 7 million people every year
  • First Aid Intermediate- First Aid is the help that you give a person after they have hurt or injured themselves. In some cases it can save lives.
  • World War II Intermediate- World War II was the worst war in history and killed more people than any other war before. It lasted from 1939 to 1945 and, starting out from Europe, spread to nearly every part of the world
  • Age of Exploration Intermediate- In the 15th and 16th centuries Europe went through an era of change. Merchants traveled the seas to find new routes to goods that Europe didn't have.
  • African Americans - Upper-Intermediate About 13% of the American population have African ancestors. They came to the New World as slaves and have struggled for freedom and equal rights throughout the course of history
  • Newspapers Intermediate- Newspapers belong to the oldest methods of keeping the public informed on daily events
  • The Solar System Upper-Intermediate- Take a tour through our solar system and explore the sun, the planets, our moon as well as comets and asteroids.
  • Tourism Intermediate- In the past few decades people have been travelling to other places more than ever before. Tourism has become affordable for many people